We meet at blah blah every blah blah blah. Message us for more information. This month we are planning trips to here and here, which will be neat, but

we moved the date ahead four days and now Ben can't come an he is super bummer about it, so we should make it up to him.


Email us using this form:

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Our Store

Buy something cool and help support our conservation and preservation efforts (and also to help get our pale AF subterranean asses tan by giving us money for a trip to Jamaica).


Khajit has wares, if you have the coin.

Cool Sweatshirt

Don't be a coldy cat, buy it.



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Wow! Sick T's, Bro

Is this a dope ass t-shirt or what? Buy this shirt and be cooler than that guy Tom at work.



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Awesome Custom-Decaled Helmet

We put a $2 decal on a $30 helmet and charging you $50. Sucker.





Total: $100

Member Login

And here is a login that will lead to a small interface where we can have a member-only live chat, an area to renew/pay membership dues, and any other stuff we want. I could get real fancy and make it so each member has their own myspace/tumblr-esque page, for the right amount of free beer.